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        Latest Machine Tool Stock

        updated 23rd April 2020

        Welcome to Global Machine Tools UK Ltd.

        We supply high quality, branded machine tools to engineering and manufacturing companies both in the UK and the wider international industrial marketplace.

        Thanks to our many years experience in the used machine tool industry, we're able to provide quality engineered equipment at competitive prices.

        By arranging all aspects of UK delivery and installation, export, containerisation and documentation we provide a simple service and peace of mind.

        When it comes to service, we take great pride in forging and maintaining ongoing business-to-business relationships.

        If you want to know more you can browse our machine tool stock, read more about export, services or just contact us and tell us about your requirements.

        Whilst every effort is taken to ensure the accuracy of the specifications contained within this website, no liability is accepted for errors. It is the buyers responsibility to substantiate technical data. Wherever possible, original and recent images are used to represent machines displayed and are taken either in our Gloucester warehouse/showroom or in their previously installed location. However, in certain circumstances, images of similar or new machines may be used.

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