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        Slidinh Head Turning Centre


        Download hi-res images:
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        Year of Manufacture: 2012

        Maximum Turning Diameter: 32mm

        Maximum Turning Length: 320mm

        Main Spindle Speed: 8000rpm

        Back Spindle Speed: 8000rpm

        Spindle Drive: 5.5/7.5 kW 

        Platen Tools: 6

        Cross Driven Tools: 4 (5000rpm)

        Front Drilling Tools: 6

        Back Drilling Tools: 9

        CNC System: Mitsubishi Meldas

        Equipped with:  Iemca Boss 332 E/R Magazine Bar Feed, Coolblaster CB510 High Pressure Coolant System, Absolent Fume Extraction, Parts Conveyor, Stat-X Fire Suppression and Manuals.


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