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        CNC Machine Controls

        If there is something you need to know, or you can't find precisely what you are looking for, then call us on +44(0)1452 72 00 99 or email us using the form below.

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        Global Machine Tools Ltd
        Global Machine Tools (UK) Ltd, Brearley Place, Baird Road, Waterwells Business Park, Quedgeley, Gloucester, GL2 2GB

        Tel: +44(0)1452 72 00 99
        Registered in England No. 04146138

        Whilst every effort is taken to ensure the accuracy of the specifications contained within this website, no liability is accepted for errors. It is the buyers responsibility to substantiate technical data. Wherever possible, original and recent images are used to represent machines displayed and are taken either in our Gloucester warehouse/showroom or in their previously installed location. However, in certain circumstances, images of similar or new machines may be used.